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The month of June [23 Jun 2009|03:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Discovered that LJ is not blocked in work, whoop de dooo!

I am extremely bored, hence an update. On my second last day of training and cannot take in any more info. Think they are aware of this as we have been given (still more) pointless busy work. So, things of late.

Have moved into Marc's flat in Lovey's stead. It's only been a week or so but it's been bloody GREAT, absolutely love it. Have done a lot of cleaning (!) which is a total first for me. Even when I lived in Woodlands Road et.al I did the bare minimum, I guess it's cos I want mine and Marc's flat to be ~grown up~. Also disposed of the Diet Coke mountain that was on the shelves above the bed (not without some sadness I might add). My only grievance is that I have dropped some major hints about playing the Wii more ('I might buy Wii Fit, but I've HEARD THE GAMES YOU GET ON IT ALREADY ARE REALLY GOOD' etc) but to no avail.

The weekend was good- on Friday me and Marc watched The Bank Job which was most enjoyable. I do like that Jason Statham's first foray into 'serious acting' was...playing a cockney robber. Stretching dem acting muscles. On Saturday we went for lunch with Monica, laura et. al. Lunch was a bit of a headache, how hard is it to choose a location in the CITY CENTRE to have an enjoyable munch? Apparently very. Ugh. I also got my haircut, it doesn't look any different but is tidier. The girl offered to curl it after it dried "just to do something different", I think as soon as she started she regretted it though, took bloody ages. But yeah, later on we had a Sicko Saturday (TM) planned but I just was not in the mood, so headed over to Gemma's for a bit. Ended up sitting up late having some drinks with them. Everyone retired so I sat on my tod on the couch and attempted to watch P.S I Love You at about 6am. It didn't work purely because there were no subtitles on the DVD, I can't watch ANYTHING without subtitles now :( Felt really horrid for not being at the flat in the first week I was officially living there, but I would have been a total wet blanket. Plus there will be ample opportunity for epic flat shenanigans in the future I'm sure.

Might write some more later. BOOM BOOM POW.

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Blatant misuse of company facilities part 1 [15 Jun 2009|03:10pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Using the internet to update Livejournal when the trainer's back is turned.

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Very very good weekend [31 May 2009|11:28pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Friday- finished work and went back to Clydebank. Me and Laura got ready and sat in her garden having pizza and Cava. Headed to school reunion, got pleasantly pissed and chatted to old teachers. Found pictures of me when I was fat emblazoned on the corridor walls- bizarre.

Saturday- Lie in with Marc, then went to the Goat for lunch. Lazed about and watched some TV. At night me and Marj went to see Gibby in a musical extravaganza fronted by the Apollo players. Drunk mini bottles of wine while sat in church pews, which was a first. The show was really enjoyable and Gibby was great. Too many kids though. Afterwards I ate TWO subways then came home with Marc and we watched Britain's Got Talent and then some of Jaws.

Sunday- Mini lie in then off to the football with Marti and Milli. Glorious day and the football was a lot of fun. Had a nice drive then had dinner at the Landsdowne. Picked up James and then went to see Drag Me to Hell which was a very enjoyable gore fest. Back home now and dreading work tomorrow, but have two days off at the end of the week.

I'm pretty tired so I can only assume that this is why my sentences are so short and to the point. So to sum up- sunshine filled weekends are great, sunshine filled work days are not.

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Why did the baker have smelly hands? [28 Mar 2009|12:21pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Because he was kneading a jobby.


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Wee Guy [13 Mar 2009|10:50am]
[ mood | nervous ]

Went into Borders yesterday after orientation for my new job (more on that later). Sat on one of the couches upstairs and a guy in his mid fifties came along and took the seat beside me. Sat there for about half an hour reading my book then got up to go. The guy goes 'Excuse me, do you have the time?' so I told him it was midday, then he proceeded to tell me how his brother had died a few years back, didn't get to meet his gran kids, but it had brought him and his OTHER brother closer together, and wasn't it funny how death sometimes worked like that? At this point he was looking at me for some sort of reaction and all I could say was that it was lovely that he and his family managed to find something good out of something so sad. And he went, 'Well, people need people', and it was really sad but really nice.

Anyway so, start my new job on Monday. Guna be working in Hbos, not sure what I'm doing as of yet, they haven't allocated us in specific departments. Place looks alright and the folk seem nice enough, good hours etc. Thing is, I've been offered an interview for the NHS admin bank on Tuesday afternoon, so would have to ask for time off on my second day, which obviously isn't very good. On the other hand, the NHS job is better money and looks like a better job too, so I'd be mad to try and reschedule it/turn it down. Don't really know what to do!

The weekend was pretty good. On Friday I think me and Marc just kicked about, then Saturday was Stef's hen night. Was sooo much fun, it was a murder mystery night with a theatre group in playing all the characters. They staged it so that everyone had maps of 'the island' and 'the hotel' and the potential murderers went round the room and we were allowed to quiz them :-) In the end we got the murderer wrong due to my jumping to wrong conclusions, dammit! The guy did however compliment me and Ruth on our sleuth skills. Well all he REALLY said was that we were the only ones who asked one question at a time but still. Went to the Cathouse afterward which was a VERY. BAD. IDEA. Don't remember a massive amount from in there bar almost choking on one of the THREE hotdogs that I ate. Stumbled back to Marcs and ended up throwing up hotdog for most of mid morning. Brutal stuff :( This weekend should be a bit quieter, going up to Monica's tonight for chat and DVD action, then off to see Marley and Me tomorrow!

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Amazing text message [11 Mar 2009|03:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

'Fuck, I had a dream we were drinking Tizer!'

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Looking up [06 Mar 2009|12:07pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Some good stuff and some bad stuff happened as of late.

My dad's line of bad luck continues. After smacking his head off a lamp post and injuring himself, he went on holiday to Spain and wound up getting mugged. Such a shame. He says all he remembers is getting a smack on the jaw, and then waking up in hospital. The muggers must have kicked him or he landed awkwardly cos his knee was fractured and now his leg is in plaster, and he already had a terrible time getting around cos of his breathing. He pretty much admitted it's cos he can't look after himself properly that shitty stuff keeps happening, pretty sad. Plus, the muggers got my granpa's watch :(

So just been cutting about up here for a while, doing his shopping and whatnot. On the plus side, job stuff is looking up. Fairly confident I've got a data entry job which should tide me over, hear back from the DWP job on Monday, and have an interview for the NHS admin bank and Lloyds next week as well. Just need to hope all goes well. Would obviously prefer the NHS or DWP jobs cos they'd be a bit more secure with 'This Current Cimate' etc but beggars can't be choosers. Fingers crossed.

Stef's hen night this weekend, exciting stuff, plus Watchmen is out too. Tore through it this week, wasn't as blown away by it as some folk have been but I certainly enjoyed it, so looking forward to the film. Next week is Ferns birthday and she's having an 'animal themed' night out, so I have to come up with some sort of costume. I was thinking a rudimentary cat costume, eyeliner whiskers and just wear, I dunno, black? Suggestions welcomed. Think me and MArc are just lounging tonight, which is good :)

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I want a cat [04 Mar 2009|03:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]


Especially a cat that's named with a PERSON name, it think's it's people! etc.

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I should love this but I don't [23 Feb 2009|01:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hugh Jackman, Beyonce Knowles et. al cutting about to a musical number at the Oscars.

Soooooooooo fucking awkward.

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Someone employ me so I can stop doing these things [18 Feb 2009|11:45am]
[ mood | worried ]

bloody hellCollapse )

This is getting distressing. Had two interviews this week, one that went really well and the other that didn't. The one that DIDN'T go well actually DID go alright, I just messed up one of the data entry tests and since it was for a data entry POSITION, I'm guessing they frown on things like that. The one that DID go well doesn't get back to me until the 9th of March, and even then the start date could be long after that. Frugal living from here on in.

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My dad [05 Feb 2009|03:29pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

has managed to bust his head by WALKING INTO A LAMP POST on Monday. What the fuck. It's a wee shame cos his forehead is proper Acme cartoon style swollen and for some reason he has two black eyes despite the injury being on the top left hand side of his noggin. Poor guy. Still I'd like to think it explains (at least a wee bit) why I am a 'clumsy oaf' (Marc's words not mine).

In other news the job hunt continues. Got through to an interview on Monday the 16th which is GOOD because it's obviously a step forward but BAD because I need to get a passport in order to be eligible, so cheerio £97. To be fair I did need some form of 'proper' id anyway and I suppose it leaves the option of y'know, travelling abroad and whatnot, assuming I ever have the money to do so. Applied to about ten admin jobs that went up on s1jobs today, no responses as of yet. If nothing arises from this interview I am hucking what little ethics I have out the window and going to an agency and begging for work. Either that our flat out lying on my CV as opposed to sprucing it up.

Went to see My Bloody Valentine yesterday with Fern and Zoe, was a proper shit horror film, but ohmygod it was so watchable because it was in 3D. Everything should be in 3D from now on. I'll leave it with that and this message to watch out for lamp posts, they are a threat to us all.

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Day One of Unemployment [27 Jan 2009|02:14pm]
[ mood | worried ]

In true bum style I am wearing a dressing gown and have not showered. I also have tins of soup at my side but that is just a coincidence.

So the first day has gone like this. Had horrible horrible dreams cos I sat up reading the scary thread on the forum (which I tell myself every time I go into it that I'm never going to look at again) and as such slept really badly. Didn't want to wake up Marc so I tried to do this awkward latch on for a hug pose and have hurt my neck. When I fell asleep again I had a dream that Beyonce was making me prepare cakes for the crew of her Single Ladies video. Later in the dream these cakes merged with the smothered chicken that the Ark sells. Clearly all the separate threads of my mind have made some sort of bastard clone that will pester my nights. If I have a(nother) dream about a beer and burger I'll be extremely annoyed.

So yeah, the rest of my day has consisted of me sitting gawping at forms online wondering how else I can talk up one retail job and two restaurant/bar jobs. was sort of hoping I could get by with an "I HAVE A DEGREE" but a few of the forms haven't even asked me for my academic achievements. I am now worried. After I finish this I am going to have a shower (!!) and maybe take a walk about. I really don't want to end up in the Ark but it is my default refuge.


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Oops [18 Jan 2009|11:33pm]
One week tomorrow, I am a bum.
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Feart [12 Jan 2009|10:34pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Planning to hand my notice in tomorrow, with no job lined up. Good idea/bad idea?

conundrumCollapse )
In other news the weekend was mostly great. Watched Batman with my mum on Friday and has a blissfully argument free evening. Worked on Saturday and then lay about with Marc watching dvds all night, see also Sunday day, what it's all about. Had to work in Curlers on Sunday night which was AWFUL. Their air conditioning is fucked so I spent the whole night sweating like a fucking alsation in July, and some dickhead decided to ask me (Joker stylee I assume) "WHY YE SO SERIOUS AW EH TIME?!" (Answer- because YOU pissed me off.) But the good (not work) outweighed the bad (work) by a considerable margin so YEH.

Been reading bit more lately which is exciting, even if it is mostly fluff. Finished the second Belle Du Jour book, Further Adventures of a London Call Girl which actually isn't anywhere near as filth ridden as you might expect but is very funny. Also was given a Charlie Brooker book by Jamie from work which is also very funny and makes me feel better cos I could never hate anything THAT much. I've asked this before but I'll ask it again- any book suggestions throw them this way! Rather worryingly I asked my dad this question and he replied "A lovely book is Remember ME? by Sophie Kinsella" and I was thinking "Here, she sounds like a heavy shite chicklit writer" so I looked it up, and lo and behold I was right. I can only hope he was taking the piss and that his poor breathing hasn't made him so deranged that he's became a follower of the Richard and Judy book club.

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Christmas/New Year [07 Jan 2009|05:29pm]
[ mood | content ]

Happy New Year everybody.

The festive period came and went with little incident. On the 20th I went to see It's A Wonderful Life with Marc, Gibby, Mick and James (I'd kinda forced it upon the latter boyz) before Biffy Clyro. The film is awesome, I heartily reccomend it to anyone/everyone, walked out feeling like Mrs Christmas, although this may be something to do with the gin we snuck in (fuck you GFT). On Christmas Eve I worked until four, then went to Ashton Lane to have dinner at the Ashoka and then kick about some pubs. It was a really lovely night. Luckily caught the last bus back to Clydebank and hung out with my mum. swapped presents with my mum, she got me loads of assorted lovely things, and I got her tickets for Take That that she was (seemingly) delighted with. Oh me and Marc swapped presents on Christmas Eve as well, we bought each other the same bloody gift, typical!

Christmas Day we went out for dinner with the ubuiquitous Liz and Alec and some of Alec's family. I thought it'd be really awkward having dinner with folk who I hadn't met before but it turned out to be actually awright. I did have salmon though which broke my own personal rule of turkey being the only option on Christmas Day. For shame Lou. Afterwards went back to my mums and got straight into jammies. Watched ET and cried, again, even aged 23 I will never stop weeping at the bit where Drew Barrymore says goodbye to him (she thinks he's real for God's sake!). Marc came over later on and we lounged for a bit and then to bed. Went over to Marc's mums on Boxing Day where I got some MOTHERFUCKIN TURKEY, yas. Back to Marcs to eat my body weight in Brussel sprouts and lounge some more, amazing.

Was back to work on the 27th, one of the perils of bar work being we never fucking close. Blah blah straight to New Year, peer pressure dictated that even though I'd finally managed to get the night off I still had to show face in the pub cos "it's not the same without you Lou" etc etc. I'm a sucker for flattery I suppose. Had some drinks and played Wii bowling which as it turns out, is not any easier than real life bowling, at least for me. An hour became a few and we got back to Marcs flat later than either of us would have liked, but so be it. Got home with ample time for the bells which is all that mattered. For some reason bagpipes, an instrument that has me cringing with rage at any other time of the year, reduce me to a gibbering wreck when combined with fireworks, bells, and other New Year related paraphanelia. Cue me losing it on a bemused Marc's shoulder, stellar start to the year there. Watched some Family Guy after the bells then had an early night. Good times.

So back into the post festive trying to get used to work stage. I hate whinging about a shit job when it's my own fault I'm there but not a day goes by without me rolling my eyes at at least five customers or muttering "dickhead" or, lately, "shitrod" under my breath at whoever has pissed me off for whatever reason. Becoming quite the ball of hate so I really really need to get out of there/broken record. Anyway, I'm really only on this because I'm in the middle of cleaning my dad's flat and I can't face doing the bathroom so I'm going to make another skivey cup of coffee.

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23 [28 Nov 2008|06:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Birthday today so feel I'm due an update. Guna make it quick though.

Life, overall, is good. Workwise I'm still at the Ark which is an absolute gutter but is entirely my own fault. Got to the stage where I'm quite comfortable in my rut. Spend most of my days trying to fill up the hours with cleaning and barking obscenities to the customers, or getting banter with the staff. It's an easy job, but it's very very boring, and the money is awful. That being said, the good (banter) occasionally outweighs the bad (work), so there ARE worse places to be stuck until I can find something better paying. I just need to bother my arse with typing a cv then I can at least get a soul destroying job that helps me clear my overdraft. Mum keeps battering on about "it'll be okay when you get your REAL job", assuming of course, I ever figure out what I actually WANT to do, if anything. Anyway.

Moved back home with my mum, which again is fairly soul crushing but was necessary. Living in my own place was completely draining me financially and moving back home will help me (hopefully) clear some of my debt. I get on okay enough with my mum (for now) so hopefully it'll pan out okay. The best thing about the past few months by a mile has been Marc. Have no idea what I would have done without him, not just in terms of literal help, like helping me move and stuff, but just for being there. He's amazing, and life would be very very shit without him in it. Been a lot of fun so far, and keeps getting better so (Y)

Off to mums tonight, having some of the birds down and guna have gin. Onwards and upwards.

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Update [16 Jul 2008|04:28pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Quick one, cos my timer on the computer is running out.

Some stuff of note.
I graduated, so no longer a student. Mized feelings about this, didn't graduate with as high a degree as I would have liked but I did still at least pass ha. Had a small gathering with the family which went well, the mum and dad fights passed with little to no incident!

Went to London (again) last week to see Big Morrissey, he was awesome. Also caught Beck who has progressed to full blown trampiness as opposed to part time, Dirty Pretty things who were shit and a couple of assorted wee acts. The whole day was very lovely and drunken and has totally put me in the mood for Connect!

Left Lush due to management changes and generally being really unhappy with the way things were going. My last month was actually really tense which I wasn't too happy about but life goes on. Gone full time at the Ark which has worked out well so far. Only problem is I'm having trouble living on one job wages!

Pretty much guna struggle through August and once I'm back from the festival look for a 9-5. If anyone knows of any then geez a heads up!

Over and out.

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X posted to the bebo [24 Apr 2008|12:57pm]
[ mood | excited ]

My exams are over (hooray etc) so begins my vast summer. I'm verrry excited at the prospect of having my own time to read etc so here goes.

Reccomend me
1) an album
2) a book
3) a film
4) a tv show

Whether it's ones you love already or ones you think I'd like.


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I just done an exam [21 Apr 2008|11:58am]
[ mood | okay ]

So here's ANOTHER stupid quiz. I'm due an actual update but not today.

one wordCollapse )

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Stay cool Milly [16 Apr 2008|10:27am]
[ mood | complacent ]

big surveyCollapse )

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